The new special issue of Philosophical Transactions edited by CSS-RECENS researchers is now out: The language of cooperation: reputation and honest signalling

4 October, 2021

Large-scale non-kin cooperation is a unique ingredient of human success. This type of cooperation is challenging to explain in a world of self-interested individuals. Our goal with this theme issue is to promote an inter-disciplinary approach that allows us to explore and to understand the evolution and the maintenance of reputation system with special emphasis on gossip and honest signalling. The articles in this special issue all draw our attention to these complexities of the workings of reputation systems, asking:  (i) What are the necessary conditions for reputation-based systems? (ii)  What is the content and context of reputation systems? (iii) How can reputations promote cooperation? And (iv) what is the role of gossip in maintaining reputation systems and thus cooperation?

Editors of the special issue: Szabolcs SzámadóD. BallietF. GiardiniE. A. Power and Károly Takács

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Papers written by CSS researchers:

The language of cooperation: reputation and honest signalling by Szabolcs Számadó, D. Balliet, F. Giardini, E. A. Power and Károly Takács

Evaluating mechanisms that could support credible reputations and cooperation: cross-checking and social bonding by Flóra Samu and Károly Takács

Honesty and dishonesty in gossip strategies: a fitness interdependence analysis by Junhui Wu, Szabolcs Számadó, Pat Barclay, Bianca Beersma, Terence D. Dores Cruz, Sergio Lo Iacono, Annika S. Nieper, Kim Peters, Wojtek Przepiorka, Leo Tiokhin and Paul A. M. Van Lange

Networks of reliable reputations and cooperation: a review by Károly Takács, Jörg Gross, Martina Testori, Srebrenka Letina, Adam R. Kenny, Eleanor A. Power and Rafael P. M. Wittek

Cooperating to show that you care: costly helping as an honest signal of fitness interdependence by Pat Barclay, Rebecca Bliege Bird, Gilbert Roberts and Szabolcs Számadó

Reputation and socio-ecology in humans by A. Romano, F. Giardini, S. Columbus, E. W. de Kwaadsteniet, D. Kisfalusi, Z. Triki, C. Snijders and K. Hagel