Tamás Keller

Tamás Keller
Senior Research Fellow (TK Recens)
  • Academic Title: PhD
  • Email: keller.tamas@tk.hu
  • Phone: + 36 1 224 6700 / 5445
  • Building: T. (Floor, room: 1.15)
Research Interests

Tamás Keller earned his PhD in sociology at the Corvinus University of Budapest in 2010. He then served as a researcher at TÁRKI Social Research Institute. As an Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral researcher, he worked first at the Free University Berlin within the chair of Public Economics, followed by a research stay at WZB Berlin Social Science Center. He returned to Hungary as junior core fellow at the Central European University’s Institute for Advanced Study. At the present he is a senior researcher at the Center for Educational and Network Studies in Centre for Social Sciences (TK) and is affiliated with the Institute of Economics at the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK). His research explores the drivers of educational inequality such as parental background and peer effects as well as the role of non-cognitive skills. He leads and coordinates several large-scale, pre-registered randomized field experiments that shed light on the causal effects of these drivers.