Humanitarian volunteer initiatives

How Migration Experience Affects the Acceptance and Active Support of Refugees? Philanthropy and Paid Work of Hungarian Migrants in the German Immigrant Service

Authors: Margit Feischmidt, Ildikó Zakariás

In Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies

The paper reveals how Hungarians living in Germany have become involved in the support of refugees and asylum-seekers arriving from Africa and the Middle-East to Germany, and how their engagement relates to their own experience of migration. Concerning applied methods the paper is based on a quantitative online survey and qualitative interviews, created in 2017.

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Producing the nation through philanthropy: Legitimising coethnic and prorefugee civic action in Hungary

Authors:  Ildikó Zakariás, Margit Feischmidt

In Nations and Nationalism

This paper explores interconnections between nationhood and philanthropy, namely, how philanthropy works as a domain of meaningful social practice framed by national ideologies, and how interpretations born in the institutional contexts of philanthropy may play a central role in making sense of the nation. Two cases are studied: philanthropic actions of Hungarian citizens towards Hungarian minority communities in Ukraine and Romania are analysed in parallel with humanitarian volunteer initiatives aimed at supporting refugees during the summer of 2015 in Hungary.