EU Council decision blocking 21 Hungarian universities

The Centre for Social Sciences is not operated as a public interest fund and is not affected by the EU Council rule of law conditionality decision linked to Erasmus and Horizon Europe funding. We are able to participate in proposals and receive funding in both of these EU funding programmes without any restrictions.


Four new international research projects are to launch

Four proposals submitted by researchers of the Centre for Social Sciences have recently received funding from the EU.


In solidarity with Ukraine

The Centre for Social Sciences expresses its strong condemnation of the Russian aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine.
We declare our full solidarity with the people of Ukraine and with the Ukrainian academic community.
The Centre for Social Sciences seeks to provide assistance to fellow academicians and the people of Ukraine.


Featured news

Call for Applications for a Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship in Law (Budapest)

Institute for Legal Studies

Call for Application for a Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship in Law: Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies and the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences have established a joint fellowship programme. This programme aims to enhance international competitiveness in research and education by involving a postdoctoral foreign researcher in Hungarian academic work. The programme is termed for a period of 10 months.

New publication: Investigating the Effects of Self-centered Social Media Communication Style on User Engagement

Institute for Political Science

A new article has been published in the Political Communication journal, entitled "Keep Them Engaged! Investigating the Effects of Self-centered Social Media Communication Style on User Engagement in 12 European Countries". It has been written by Márton Bene, Andrea Ceron, Vicente Fenoll, Jörg Haßler, Simon Kruschinski, Anders Olof Larsson, Melanie Magin, Katharina Schlosser and Anna-Katharina Wurst

Call for Application: Publication Scholarship in the Institute for Political Science 2022

Institute for Political Science

The Institute for Political Science, Centre for Social Sciences is launching a scholarship programme for BA, MA and PhD students to support scientific work in political science. The programme offers a short-term publication scholarship to increase the international visibility of the academic production of young scholars.  To be eligible for a 2022 Scholarship, a candidate must be an undergraduate/graduate/doctoral student enrolled at a Hungarian University.

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