Social Science Visiting Professorship (SSVP)

The Centre for Social Sciences (CSS) launches a call for applications for inviting internationally acclaimed foreign researchers for a period of 1–8 months to conduct research in Hungary.


Just published: Pathways Between Social Science and Computational Social Science

Theories, Methods, and Interpretations
Editors: Rudas, Tamás, Péli, Gábor


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Speaker Series: Philip Rathgeb

Institute for Political Science

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CfP - Challenges of Democratic Innovations in Europe (Research Workshop)

Institute for Political Science

In democratic political systems, the main actors of representative democracy are party leaders, elected parliamentarians, and cabinet members. In addition to these, there are other ways of decision-making in a democratic political system such as participatory and deliberative democracy. These involve citizens and non-governmental organizations that aim to improve the social acceptance and effectiveness of political decisions. Research on democratic innovations focuses on successful practices and methods aimed at changing democratic governance and political structures to improve them. Such innovations range from direct democracy (e.g. referendums, agenda initiatives, recall) to deliberative practices (e.g. deliberative polling, consultative mini-publics, participatory budgeting etc.) in offline and online settings.





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